Ayurvedic products and how they can benefit your health


It is considered the “Sister Science” of yoga and an ancient science that is holistic. As an ancient science dating back over 5,000 years, Ayurveda focuses on your psychological and physical well-being. We believe food affects our overall well being and can make us happy or miserable. Whether or not we are energetic and vibrant directly depends upon what we eat. Sattvic approaches are recognized as such.

Several health benefits are associated with these herbs. Some of the benefits include:

1) Prevention (Preventive Care): Western medicine concentrates much of its time treating diseases. While western medicine struggles to keep up with traditional Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners have had tools to maintain health for thousands of years. Adapting our diet and lifestyle to match our individual constitutions is essential to maintaining a healthy balance within ourselves. Maintaining good health is the first step in preventing diseases.

2) Detoxify your body-We eat food in order to live. Whenever a body doesn’t eat, it feels weak and depleted of energy. You do not need to go on a raw diet or only eat organically grown foods to detox. In the process of detoxification, harmful toxins are removed from the body. If we fail to remove waste on time, our bodies will build up with toxic material. To stay on track, you need to create these habits as well. Herbs used in Ayurveda also facilitate the cleansing of the entire body as well as promoting a healthy digestion. All impurities are removed in Panchakarma. Massage and ayurvedic oils are effective in removing these impurities.

3) Hormone Balance – Ayurveda regulates hormones, which promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy. The subject of a study in 2010 explored the effectiveness of essential oils in balancing hormones. The therapeutic properties of Ayurveda work to combat hormonal imbalances in all of its manifestations.

4) Reduces stress– The way you feel depends on what you eat. A malfunctioning digestive system leaves you fatigued and uncomfortable, which adversely affects how you perform and how you feel. By adding a diet tailored to your needs, you can improve both your body and mind. Since Ayurveda Produkte Schweiz promotes meditation, it also reduces stress in general.

5) Beautiful Skin- Healthy skin can be very attractive. By using harsh chemicals in skin care products, we may cause damage to our skin while masking the damage we have incurred.

 To better care for our skin, we should first understand our skin. The ancient, natural treatments for your skin type, which will encourage healthy, beautiful skin and balance these characteristics, can be found if you know those characteristics. Following these Ayurvedic practices will result in a skin that is naturally balanced, as well as a balanced body that is healthier.

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