Blood Blister: Its Symptoms Causes and Its Types

Blood Blister
Blood Blister

Blood Blister:We can observe sometimes that on the skin there is a raised piece that contains blood in it. This is known as a blood blister. In some cases, there is water inside the raised piece of skin instead of blood. That blisters are not much different than one that has blood in them.

In most parts where they are present, they are less harmless and without the doctor’s treatment, they will go away within a few weeks. A blood blister is a minor condition of the skin and it is very common. Blood blisters are the fluid-filled sacs and look similar to friction blisters (clear fluid-filled sacs) and they have appeared as a raised piece of skin.

There are two types of blisters:

  • Blood blisters
  • Friction blisters

Blood blister contains red fluid in the raised piece of the skin whereas in friction blisters they contain clear liquid fluid in the raised piece of skin. The blood blisters are firstly light red in color but over time they become darker in color. At the site of the blister, most of the blood blisters cause. The blood blisters may be black, purplish or red in color,

Areas those are most likely to be affected with blood blisters

In different locations on the skin, the blood blisters can form. The most common areas where blood blisters can more commonly develop include:

  • Feet
  • Near joints
  • Hands
  • Mouth
  • Fingers
  • Near the bony part of the body like heal, toe, etc.
  • Eyelids

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Signs and Symptoms

In different locations on the skin, the blood blisters are present. The most common signs and symptoms where blood blisters can more commonly develop and shows the symptoms include;

  • Minor irritation in the site of blister
  • Allergic reactions may occur where blister formed
  • Infection
  • Warmth spread from the blister
  • Red lines spreading from the blister 


Anywhere on the body, a blister is formed where the skin is pinched but does not break open. For a prolonged period of time lifting heavy weights or closing a drawer on a finger can lead to the cause of blood blisters.

Some other causes of blood blisters are:

  • Severe frostbite
  • Pinching of skin due to wearing poorly fitted shoes 
  • Extra friction that is caused by sweaty feet
  • An object or tool regularly rubbing against the skin
  • Pinching of skin between two objects cause minor trauma
  • Running, dancing or participating in a sport for a longer period of time

Blood Blister in The Mouth

Medically, blood blister mouth is related to a condition which is known as angina bullosa hemorrhagica (ABH). According to the review in the World Journal of Stomatology in the oral cavity angina bullosa hemorrhagica (ABH) is characterized by the formation of blood-filled sac and it is an uncommon oral disorder. These purplish or dark red blood blisters in the mouth spontaneously appeared 

Some causes of blood blisters in the mouth include:

  • Mouth cancer
  • Allergies 
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Inhaling drugs that are including steroids
  • Eat crunching, hot or hard food
  • Having a disease that is systemic such as diabetes
  • Having an injection of local anesthesia
  • Undergoing through the dental process, such as crown replacement or impressions

Blood Blister in Lip

Blood blisters in lips can make a person appear awful and are usually painful. Depending upon the cause of blood blisters the texture and size of blood blisters are varied on the lips. The reasons for the formation of blisters on the lips are:

  • Physical injuries
  • Cold injuries
  • Exposure to heat
  • Lip biting
  • Insect bites


Some symptoms of blood blisters in the lip include;

  • Burning sensation on lips or itching lip
  • The white or the yellow crust on the lip
  • Difficulties in smiling, speaking and eating
  • Large or tiny soft lump on the lip
  • Inside the lip red blood filled bumps
  • Chapped, scaly, flaked and dry lips
  • With sores crack corner of the lips
  • Oozing sores or fluid filled bumps on the surface of lip

Blood Blister on Fingers

In different locations on the skin, the blood blisters can form. Blood blisters are also present and formed on the finger. For a prolonged period of time lifting heavy weights or closing a drawer on a finger can lead to the cause of a blood blister finger. Blood blisters in/on finger felt like pinching the finger on a door.


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