Cell Death Process Ultimate Guide in 2020

cell death process

The cell death process in which old cell of the body is lost due to the certain causes, it involves the number of steps which give rise the process of cellular death and there are the many cause and complications of cell death.

It may be harmful or beneficial for the body it depends on nature of cell death actually the pathological cause of cell death is so old as the history of mankind in the globe of earth, harmful cell-cell death occurs due the certain cause it may be due


simply it means the less supply of oxygen to the living tissue as a result cell death occurs it is important to notice that this is the most common cause of cellular death.

In many diseases affecting lungs can cause an insufficient supply of oxygen to the living tissue as a result of death of living tissue or cell occurs.

Infectious agents

many types of pathological agents can cause cell death, for example, the Viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoans, etc

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Immunological agents

immune system refers to the body defense mechanism which prevents pathological disease which can harm or damage to living tissue.
for example, autoimmune reactions against own tissues like allergic reactions can harm living cell death

Genetic abnormalities

there are the many diseases in which the cell death occurs, for example, there is the down syndrome witch is the chromosomal defect that give rise the numbers of complications witch leads to the cellular damage mean cell death also occurs another example of most common medical side is the Genetic disease called the sickle cell anemia in which the subtlest of only single amino acid occurs it may lead to the death if it is not treated with proper time
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Nutritional imbalance

This is the most common cause of the cellular injuries or the cell death of developing countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc due to the improper diet give rise the number of diseases that causes the death of the biological system
For example, kashour diseases in body bone are prone to damage

Physical agents

They can also cause cell injuries and cell death for examples Trauma, radiation, high temperature, etc


They can also cause cell injuries and cell death Insecticides, cigarette smoke, etc


This mainly causes the less response of the cell to stress results death of the organism

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