Dentists in your family: 5 benefits


With a family dentist, you can avoid sending your family members to different dental facilities in order to receive dental treatment. Dentists specialize in specific age groups, but family dentists can provide care for everyone in your family.

This allows you to take care of your family’s dental needs without driving around town to see each person’s dentist.

Family dentists have many benefits

1. It simplifies dental care

Whether you have young children or elderly parents, your family dentist will be able to treat them. Thus, each individual does not need a dentist. The Eastwood Family Dental can have the dentist take care of all their dental needs at the same time rather than setting up appointments at separate clinics.

Family dentists treat everyone at the same time, so patients can schedule an appointment for their entire family. The same dentist can see children through their teenage years and into their adulthood with a family dentist.

2. Dentists for families are versatile

Dentists providing family dentistry have more treatment options than general dentists. Because of this, patients of all ages can be treated there. Family dentists can design dentures or install braces on teenagers. In addition to preventative treatment, cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and veneers are available.

3. Relationships with dentists are easier to build

Knowing all the names of your family members is nice to have a dentist who knows them all. You will feel more at ease in the clinic, and each member of the family will express concerns. The same dentist can better understand any dental problems that run in a family when all members of the family receive treatment.  

4. It is easier to keep track of dental history

Keeping track of a patient’s dental history is somewhat challenging when they undergo treatment from many different dentists. Having one dentist handle all your dental needs makes things easier. Moreover, it makes it easier for the dentist to monitor any complications that may develop after a previous treatment.

5. Children can learn from it as well

Children who go to a dentist with their whole family are more likely to feel comfortable when they observe their parents interacting with him or her. An entire family can get dental treatment together with a family dentist. Seeing their parents get the same dental treatment and not become frustrated will reduce the likelihood of the children freaking out.

The fact that a growing number of people are opting to go to their family dentist for so many reasons does not really come as a surprise. Call one of our dentists today to make an appointment.

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