Definition of Environmental Safety with Best Explanation

Environmental Safety

In this article we will define the Definition of Environmental Safety and Explanation of Environmental Safety that How to maintain Environment Safety by Different methods.

Environmental safety has a high priority for us especially in those areas where fossil fuels and other industries are growing day by day. Ensuring the safety of an environment is a key thing for the mental as well as physical health of the society or the country.

Definition:Environmental safety is the use of different policies and procedures that protects or help to protect the surrounding environment, including work areas, laboratories or facilities, is free of dangers that could produce harmful effects to a person working in those areas. A safe area for work is the key element of environmental safety.

Environmental Safety And Health

Environment means things or stimuli around us in any form like noise, temperature, etc. and Safety means protection against any injuries thing which may be moving machine or something in the environment.

Safety is possible by creating organized efforts and taking steps and identifying the problem at workplace hazards and reducing harmful situations and substances around the environment such as protecting clothes and equipment by sterilization in the hospital as a step toward safety.

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Better healthy environment and safety is possible by taking efforts through better design are eliminating or minimizing risk factors or developing pieces of equipment that can eliminate or minimize the risk factors that can produce harmful effects on the environment. This requires many stakeholders who can contribute to design processes to improve safety health as well as the environment by implications.

For example, solid waste management stakeholders can reduce environmental health and safety by developing proper and best possible methods for reducing health problem, It can also provide the recycling process.

The primary benefits of maintaining environment safety on the workplaces are:

  • Preventing Injuries from substance away
  • Preventing/reducing illnesses in workplaces
  • Reducing harmful substance for workplaces
  • Promoting health at workplaces
  • Reducing health associated risk factors
  • Identifying major risk factors in the workplace and getting rid of them.
  • Helping the human and operational performances.

What is safety in our environment?

The safety of our environment means the implementation of methods and policies for making the surrounding environment healthy and safe especially the working areas such as laboratories, working area’s i.e factories and industries. Environmental safety is the safety of the peoples which reduces risk factor of disease in the surrounding environment.

What are the three major environmental health and safety disciplines?

The major environmental health and safety disciplines include:
These disciplines are hazards

  • Rays hazards (Hazards from UV Rays or other radiations)
  • Surrounding Environmental Hazards (like Germs)
  • Physical Hazards
  • Electrical and Electronic Hazards
  • Chemical Synthetic as well as non-synthetics Hazards
  • Biological and Biochemicals Hazards
Major Environmental Health and Safety Disciplines infographic

What are major environmental issues?

Major environmental issues against environmental safety include:

  • Global Warming (Most important One)
  • Climate Change ( Especially to the Fields)
  • Air, Noise and Other Pollutions
  • Resource depletion due to climate change or global warming
  • Wastage Deposition

Why is environmental safety important?

Primary importance of environment and health safety is to reduce risk factors at workplace. So that risk to injuries, pollution’s are reduced. At the workplace it is important to reduce incidents of illness as to maintain works and workplace better for work. The hazards in workplace may cause risk to the working persons which may lead to illness to persons working in the workplace.

Three Primary Areas of Environmental Safety:

Major there are the three primary areas of environmental safety although you make get a lot of smaller other areas. These are given below:

  • Occupational safety and health
  • Environmental control
  • Chemical safety

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