What are the functions of blood? Best Explained in 2020

Human functions in the blood

What is blood?

Blood is the type of a connective tissue consisting of liquid substance plasma and formed elements R.B.C, W.B.C and platelets, it always circulates in a closed system of blood vessels It provides a medium to transport substance from one part of the body to another part of the body. I will also describe its functions of blood


  • Blood is composed of 55% of plasma
  • 45% of R.B.Cs
  • 1% of W.B.Cs & platelets

Composition Of Plasma

  • in Water 92% -> also Plasma proteins 7% -> and Other solutes 1%

Composition Of Plasma Protein

Albumins 60%
Globulins 35%
2.5% g
Fibrinogen 4%

Function of Albuminous

  • Maintain pressure in the blood vessels
  • Transports substances like fatty acid, the acids
  • Hormones Steroid Hormones

Function of Glalbutins

  • Its vital role in Immune system
  • Its transports ions and Hormones

Function of Fibrinogens

  • Essential for blood clot/ clotting factors
functions of blood

Causes of Plasma color

A small amount of bilirubin carotene

8 Functions of blood

Blood transports Q2 from lungs to tissues and CQ2
from tissues to lungs

  • Its Transport Pressure
  • absorbed from GIT
  • Mobilized from storage depots to tissues
  • It transports excretory products from tissues to
  • organs of excretion like kidneys, lungs, intense and
  • Skin, etc
  • IT carries hormones, enzymes, antibodies, vitamins,
  • inorganic and organic salts to there place of
  • activity
  • IT contains clotting factors [ fibrinogen ] so prevents

Homologous by coagulation

  • IT also regulates
  • Water balance
  • Blood Ph
  • Ian balance
  • body Temperature
  • blood pressure
  • blood viscosity
  • Osmotic Pressure

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Characteristics of Blood

  • High Viscous liquid (High Viscosity)
  • 38°C (104 °F) Normal temperature
  • Alkaline PH (7.35 to 7.45)


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