Low cheekbones vs high cheekbones Best Treatment Guide 2020

Low cheekbones vs high cheekbones

Low cheekbones vs high cheekbones: Nowadays people are most likely wish to have prominent low or high cheekbone to enhance their beauty and make their faces more attractive. For this purpose, they go through different surgeries and try to copy actresses after those surgeries.

Moreover, the results turn to be destruction and fake face rather than accepting the real face. People need to understand that these cheekbones are just the bone of our face and it doesn’t matter if they are prominent or not.

The only thing matter is the face or body without any disorder. These cheekbones appear when people follow a strict diet and face exercise to uplifts and make bones more prominent. Commonly, the exercise that is used for this purpose is the use of chewing gum that helps to create a natural jawline or cheekbones.

To be attractive it isn’t necessary to enhance your face features by going through different surgeries or face time for making prominent cheekbones but to maintain a healthy diet that may create a natural glow, cleaned skin with no scars.

If you want to enhance your facial features by prominent the cheekbones you may use makeup methods that include bronzer, highlighter contour, etc. Currently, young girls are heading towards makeup techniques to enhance their cheekbones and covering their double chin. This technique is far safer than accepting surgeries.

Furthermore, these techniques do not create a negative impact on your features until and unless those products are safe to use and free from harsh chemicals. To make cheekbones more attractive three products can be used to make it prominent. Highlighter should be used under the eye and at the side part after identifying the bone.

After highlighter, blush on may enhance the cheeks and after that contour should be used to make low cheekbones more attractive.  Contour should be used at least two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Suck your cheeks inwards and feel the low cheekbone and apply contour in the direction of nostrils. Moreover, information regarding low and high cheekbones with their treatments are mentioned below.

High Cheekbones

High Cheek Bone

High cheekbones refer to as the bone that appears right after the eyes. Most likely ladies enhance and make prominent high cheekbone by applying highlighter. This is the most attractive feature of the face and several Hollywood actresses have especially gone through surgeries to make it real.

Moreover, after those surgeries, proper highlighter adds up the attractive beauty to the face. Actresses like Angelina Julie is the most famous actress having beautiful face features and nowadays almost every woman wants the same features.

High Cheek Bone Treatment

Other than makeup, several methods help to make prominent high cheekbone. These surgeries are expensive and have risks. The most common treatment for high cheekbone is the injectable derma filler. These derma fillers contain Hyaluronic acid and collagen that lift the muscle fibers and make the bone prominent. This treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months and it is not available permanently.

Another method that helps to create prominent cheekbone is the check implant that is not only expensive but has several risks and may lead to severe infection. In this surgery, the surgeon inserts silicon bones in the skin and it creates uncomfortable effects for many days. This method is for a long period. This surgery tries with anesthesia to work on it more roughly.

Low cheekbones

Lower cheekbones refer to as the bone that appears just after the nose or you may say at the bottom of the nose. Scientifically, there is no advantage or disadvantage of having low cheekbone but enhancing it with wrong methods could be medically unethical. 

Nowadays, ladies usually try to enhance their low cheekbone with the use of contour and this helps them to create artificial low cheekbone. As compared to the high cheekbone, low cheekbone would be more attractive for the public.

But nowadays patients more likely wants to enhance their high cheekbone and adjust their low cheekbone with contour. As mentioned above contour helps to create the shape of the face according to your wish with dark palates’.

This palate consists of many skin tones but it is necessary to choose one right product with research regarding the product. Use two or three shades darker than your skin complexion with brush and move it horizontally towards the nostrils. Make sure that makeup should not dark otherwise it would look waste and disappointment

Low Cheek Treatment

For this purpose several surgeries are available but the most common examples are the exercise and healthy diet. All you have to do in this choose the right product, regular exercise, and healthy meat. For better exercises, the following steps may help to enhance and create a prominent lower cheekbone. Chewing gum creates proper face structure, suck your cheeks inwards and fee1 the bone with a single picture. Consistently massage may reduce stress and creates proper face structure. Doing this for 10 seconds daily creates prominent cheekbones. There are no such expensive treatments for this. But several precautions must be followed.

Furthermore, a few things should be kept into consideration. Don’t use high salts and sugar, Focus on a healthy diet that includes vegetables, Must drink plenty of water, that’s the basic need of skin. Do 150 minutes exercise and during that time you have to follow the following steps.  Try to speak X A and O and repeat it several times. Moreover, opening mouth widely may lead to enhance the cheekbones.

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Cheekbones either low or high are just part of your face that supports muscles and build the face. This statement should be followed rather than implementing on creating these bones prominent to make it more worst.

Sometimes natural face looks more attractive than after surgery. People should accept this that these changes are for a few day’s beauty but they are playing with their natural beauty. If you want cheekbones prominent other techniques such as makeup would be beneficial and easy rather than going for injects and surgeries.


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