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The Word Microphilia is the combination of two words

Micro: Small Philia: Fondness

So It may be defined as:

A sexual attraction towards small peoples or small body parts.

Microphilia is increasing in the community, especially in western communities. It has become one of the most popular paraphiliae. Most of the peoples consider this as a psychological disorder while others believe it a sexual disorder.

What is Microphilia?

Actually it is a type of Paraphilia ( Paraphilia may be defined as an abnormal condition where people suffer from sexual desires that are not the norm and even being extreme dangerous) which involves someone has sexual arousal from small things or small peoples which is just opposite to Macrophilia (It may be defined as sexual attraction towards giants human). Microphilia is basically a set of thinking in which an individual assumes others shrinking mainly but may not be shrinking but it is not rare.

Researchers have reported that most of the cases of Microphilia’s appear in women than men.

Some writers are resembling the condition microphilia with Masochism (In this condition a person gets enjoyment to drive sexual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation) while most of the writers resemble it with sadism.

The exact size of thing or of a person from sexual desire is different in different persons, someone may get arousal from small objects or very small people. But on the other hand, it may be larger but normally things size varies from 1 to 5 inches.

However, for most, it is seeing for another person but has also been in towards things as well but it is not common.

What is Microphile?

When a person is suffering from the condition Microphilia, the person is called as Microphile.

Microphila is being in love with small. A fetish sexual where arousal comes from being small usually varies from 1-5 inches by the person from another person or things, this may or may not be shrinkable.

There are a lot of types of Paraphilia other then Microphilia as which includes:


which is just opposite to Macrophilia


The atypical sexual interest of a person on Female Breasts.


Interest of persons in immersing genitals in liquids.

Microphilia Causes People suffer from it?

Many kinds of research have been performed by the experts but they have not been sure that what is the actual cause of Microphilia. Maybe there is still a lack of interest in this as it is not really a common condition or there may be a lack of professional research that has been done to find out the cause.

Test for Microphilia:

Microphilia is observed easily at an early stage by testing at home as well. Parents can observe in their childhood by their routine activities. Parents can also observe their child their toys and clothes and their attraction towards things what a childlike.

It may easily detect by exhibiting feelings of sexual arousal when imagining or viewing any video or image or object or a person as a miniature version of themselves may be considered as a sign of Microphile.

Sometimes even the desire to be a miniature version of oneself or do sexual acts may be considered as a sign of Microphile.

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Treatment of Microphilia:

Maybe a professional Psychologist or sexual can recommended treatment.

There are basically 2 types of therapies are recommended one by psychologist and another by Sexologist.

Psychological therapy involves some questions about the daily routine and what causes sexual arousal asked or what objects cause sexual arousal may be helpful for treatment but may not be a complete treatment but may help a lot, but if therapy has been done regularly may get rid of Microphilia.

On the other hand, Sexologists may suggest to him both. Psychological therapy as well as physical therapy, done exercises may help a lot in treatment.

Treatment during the childhood of a child:

If parents observe the child having Microphilia thee must go to the psychologist. The psychotherapy at a child is the most effective treatment as compared to the physical test. Children in that stage may get rid of this condition.

Maybe there is additional research is required to find out the real cause and treatment of Microphilia.

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