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femoral triangle

Femoral Triangle | Boundaries, and Contents Best Ultimate Guide 2020

Femoral Triangle is (also known as Scarpa's Triangle) is a depression below the fold of the Groin in the upper part of...
gluteal region

Gluteal Region Anatomy | Key Points to Remembers Best in 2020

 The Gluteal Region is an anatomical area above the thigh region contains arteries, veins, and muscles. The muscle...
blood blister

Blood Blister: Its Symptoms Causes and Treatment 2020

What is blisterAny Fluid-filled small vesicle (lymph, serum, plasma, blood, or pus) that is usually formed on the...
eggs florentine

Best Way to Make Eggs Florentine Recipe In 2020

What is Eggs Florentine?Eggs florentine: To make the kids eat spinach there is a very good trick for...
calculus bridge

Calculus Bridge |Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

 Calculus is defined as yellowish or whitish deposition of minerals on the surface of the teeth....
cell death process

Cell Death Process Ultimate Guide in 2020

The cell death process in which old cell of the body is lost due to the certain causes, it involves the number...
low carb pasta

Best Low Carb Pasta with Alternatives 2020

Low Carb Pasta: Carbohydrates are not the enemy. The whole grains like rye, oats, and barley are the rich packages of nutrients...
Human functions in the blood

What are the functions of blood? Best Explained in 2020

What is blood?Blood is the type of a connective tissue consisting of...