How Smoking Triggers Anxiety and Affect Your Health|

Smoking triggers Anxiety

Most of us see cigarette smoking as a way to deal with smoking triggers anxiety, stress, and to calm their nerves. In contrast, different studies found that in reality, cigarette smoking can actually trigger your anxiety and make it worse. Though many smokers believe that smoking improves their mood and calms their nerves, this relief is only temporary and does not address the roots of anxiety and stress.

Apart from triggering anxiety, countless other diseases are linked to smoking habits. A smoking habit can destroy your mental and physical health. Multiple types of research have demonstrated a link between cigarette smoking and anxiety disorder. After the result of these studies, smokers want to quit this habit, and for this, they have to struggle. Apart from triggering anxiety, there are many other countless risks of smoking. Below is a list of some other risks of smoking. 

Upset Central Nervous System

In tobacco, there is an ingredient that affects consumers’ moods called nicotine. It reaches your brain just in a few seconds and makes you feel better and more energized for a while. But you might feel tired even after a while and crave more. This drug is highly habit-forming; that’s why smokers find smoking so difficult to quit. 

Integumentary System

Do you know changes in your skin is one of the more obvious signs of smoking? Substances found in tobacco change the structure of the skin. Nowadays, it’s common for people to switch to  e-cigarettes, which do not have tobacco, to avoid the damage and harm smoking causes to the skin. Recent research has found that smoking dramatically increases the chances of skin cancer. 

Our toenails and fingernails are not resistant to smoking and also raises the risk of fungal nail infections. Nicotine also affects one’s hair as it causes hair loss, graying, and balding. 

Damage Cardiovascular System

Natural smoking damages the cardiovascular system of a smoker. Inhaling nicotine causes tightening of blood vessels, which affects the blood flow. Over time, this can also cause peripheral artery disease. Moreover, smoking also weakens blood vessel walls, increases the risk of blood clotting, and raises the blood pressure. And together, these all issues increase the risk of stroke. 

When you smoke, it impacts not only your health but also the health of those who are around you and don’t smoke. This carries an equal risk to those who are around you and don’t smoke. Risks include heart diseases, heart attack, and stroke. 

Reproductive and Sexuality System

Most smokers are unaware of the fact that nicotine has a great impact on the blood flow to the genital areas of both women and men. For women, nicotine causes sexual dissatisfaction by decreasing the ability to reach orgasm and lubrication. And for men, it affects sexual performance. This also lowers the hormone levels in both genders. 

Disturb Digestive System

Like other health risks, smoking increases the risk of esophagus, throat, larynx, and mouth cancer. Those who smoke also have a high risk of pancreatic cancer. It also affects insulin and puts the smoker at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. 

The inhalation of smoke is always dangerous for human health and is responsible for changes in the digestive system. Cigarette smoke can have severe consequences for the digestive tract because it converts food particles into nutrients that our body needs, and smoking affects the ability of the digestive system to work correctly. Smoking has a harmful impact on all the parts of the digestive tract contributing to common diseases like peptic ulcers and heartburn. 

Factors that Influence Smoking

Numbers of factors play a role when a person starts smoking. These factors include low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, age, peers, and many others. Below is the detailed information that will tell you what things are responsible for your smoking habit and how one can control or quit this dangerous habit. 

Domestic Issues:

This is the one main big reason for starting drugs or smoking. If you are experiencing a struggling life, this does not mean you need to numb your mind in order to get rid of these issues. You must talk to your other family members and look forward to finding out solutions to problems instead of smoking or taking alcohol.

College Grades:

This one is the most common reason among high school students when they come to final grades. Some of them work way too hard and end up with an average score and get disheartened. Academic competition sometimes gives students a hard time, and they start to smoke. So if you are struggling with such a condition you must know learning is more important than grades.

Struggling Relationships:

Our relationships matter a lot to us. And when things get wrong, it not only hurts us but also destroys the tranquility of a person. To cope with such situations, you don’t need to ruin your physical health. Remember, if a person is not physically fit and strong, he might not be able to tolerate the mental pressure and stress.

Smoking and other kinds of drugs only make your mind numb for a short period, and when a person gets back, his/her serenity finds himself in the same position. So make sure to talk to your partner to bring things to their normal. This is one simple way to avoid any difficult situation.

Financial Problems:

there is doubt without a good income, one may not be able to survive. Getting a good job and earning a profit is all that we want. Time and things always not remain the same, so if you are facing a hard time, try to get out of it and always motivate yourself rather than relying on smoking.

It is common among people of all ages that whenever they feel anxious or stressed, they find ease in alcohol consumption or smoking. Although, Some researches suggest that massage therapy can reduce Anxiety. They may feel that this is the only way they can get back their serenity, but in actuality, smoking increases anxiety and stress.

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